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The girl who conquered the AG world

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

There once was a girl so petite in size everyone called her peanut. There was a problem though peanut didn't feel as small as the world perceived her. She felt mighty, strong and brave and she was on a mission to show the world how mighty she actually was.

Peanut grew up watching her mother, the strongest woman she knew go to war and save lives as an EMT. She knew she had big shoes to fill and no small feat would do it.

It all started when she decided she wanted to wrestle but up until then girls didn't wrestle… she knew that wasn't right and fought to change that. She ended up winning and wrestling, cheering, dancing and so much more. Peanut was a city girl who wasn't happy being good at just one or two things. She wanted to be great at everything.

On a fluke this city girl found herself face to face with the agriculture world and The Future Farmers of America, FFA for short. She started with a project to quickly and safely put weight back on malnourished animals. Her project was so groundbreaking that she ended up with a contract with Hershey to continue her research. Peanut successfully ran trials on rats all four years of high school well maintaining honor roll and working. Her research won states three times and placed bronze nationally twice.

The once shy girl concoured all her fears and turned into an award winning public speaker. She became secretary then vice president of her chapter and is currently running for states after getting early admissions at her first choice college.

After countless awards and scholarships she achieved all she could and more on the high school level. She is now going to double major and take over the AG world on a whole ‘nother level.

This story has only just begun...



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