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Advent calendars aren't just chocolate anymore!

If you haven't seen them you need to....

For kids... Legos, Frozen, Little People, Thomas the train, Barbie, Crayola, Tsum Tsum, Paw patrol... you name it they have it. Instead of chocolate they get a toy or socks or whatever else you chose. This year Target & Khols have some very cool 12 days of Christmas sock calendars. Khols has Nightmare before Christmas sock calendar along with several other themes for $19.99. Target has several themes for the sock calendars at just $15.

Just Google advent calendar and what ever you are looking for. What does your kiddo really love? Most toy Advent calendars for kids average $30. There is even a Hatchimals one for $29.99 ... seeing as I spent $3.50 on a 2 pack with a light-up base and that was price matched it down from $4.98. The $29.99 they're charging seems on point with the brand's pricing. Most of these calendars when bought early seem like a pretty fair deal in comparison to the brand's cost to buy all those items without the fun memory / family tradition factor. For more on price matching you can read the first blog in my holiday series.

We have gotten the Little people, Paw Patrol and Thomas the Train (in that order) ones and have not been disappointed. She got little toys everyday and loved it. For us personally when she was little I went by which calendar had the most actual toys.

The even cooler part....

They have ones for adults too! Makeup, lotions, bath bombs, soaps, again you name it they have it. With a little internet sleuthing you can take your advent calendar to the next level.

And just in case you miss chocolate...

I will be doing a far more extensive post next year but we are running short on time this year. This is one things that the sooner you buy the better. The good calendars often sell out and I have seen prices go from $20-30 something to well past $80 if you wait to long. Plus, you need them by Dec. 1st or earlier if you do it a little off like we do.

Hope you Enjoy! And if anyone wants to send me advent calendars to review I will happily do a full blog post on it :-)

Thanks for reading!

Now, go spoil yourself you deserve it!

Leave a comment and let us know your favorite advent calendar!



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