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Naturally Divine's Hair Regrowth System Review.

I was contacted to review Naturally Divine's hair regrowth system. Which is a regrowth elixir and a healing oil used in unison with each other.

The Regrowth elixir and Healing oil Are advertised to be "used together to treat thinning and balding. Healing oil used alone for overall growth and skin conditions. "

Seeing as my hair would not be a suitable display for a regrowth system I had my partner try it out for a few weeks.

His before and after photos

His review is that he likes it. He likes that its natural and gives the tingly feeling hes grown to expect from hair regrowth products. He says his hair seemed healthier from using it as directed.

Living in the snow country our skin get dried out like no tomorrow so I did try the healing oil on my face, hands, hair and chest. It works quite well to protect my skin from the elements. I haven't broken out from it at all it runs in well but a trace amount remains on the skin the you can rub in again once you face starts drying. As unsaid not enough to clog pores just enough to redistribute to extra dry areas.

It works well as a smoothing oil in my hair and absorbs well. My hair is left shiny not greasy.

For more information check out their website or facebook page. My only critiques is that I want to see a ingredients list on my products. We seem to be shifting as a society to that being important.

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