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Penless Crafting the next generation of penpals

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

These are so cool!

We've started using them when we send letters to family, you upload a video or image to the sticker and the recipient scans it and gets to see what you sent. The site stores everything for you and the only way to see it is by scanning the sticker.

As small business owners and artists we are looving them for promo deals with our books, art, tattoos, merch and more!! Its great when friends or family order a book we are able to put a personal message from us to them.

What better way to keep in touch than with adding a quick picture or video. Especially since the print on the go computers can't handle the large memory phones hold anymore. I haven't been able to just quickly print off a photo to send since upgrading my phone.

Just in time for the holidays we have an exciting addition to add. Penless also has gift tags, gift card cards and book marks!!

Check out the new products we got to check out!



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