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Dollar holiday kids crafts? Yes please!

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

Maybe I just didn't notice them before before because my kiddo was too little. Maybe there are just more of them this year but I am living for these kids crafts.

Dollar General

So this year with our holiday card we will be sending out one of these ornaments the short stack made. There are all different types and they had a bunch of the painting and coloring ones. I happen to be focusing on 3 year old appropriate crafts and her coloring skills just aren't there yet 🤣

I am waiting a little longer to start busting these out for her but I wanted to let you guys in on these finds.

These ones come 5-8 in a pack and use foam stickers to decorate them.

*Update 11/19/18*

We tried out the reindeer pack and loved it! I pulled off the stickers and told her what they were suppose to be for and showed her the picture then I let her do her thing. I did not adjust any of the stickers but I did push them down to ensure full stick since she is so little. My 3 year old and I both loved this project. It was so easy for her and even the unperfectness of them is perfect. I love that they all turned out a little different. It is easy to date them with a sharpie on the back to track the year and child if you have multiples. For a dollar I give these 5/5 stars with a few bonus stars. She was even able to remove and restick ones she wanted to fix easily without losing the stickiness. At first I was nervous that the glitter would effect the ability for them to layer on top of each other but that was not and issue in the slightest.

Dollar Tree

Dollar Crafts

Again they had a ton more for coloring and painting that we will be trying out next year. What I was loving this year are these felt project kits. Everything they need to make a felt snowman, Christmas tree or gingerbread person.

I am loving these cheap little craft kids for parents. Even more so, I love that I didn't have to pick and choose to find one appropriate for all of our family members, no matter what their denomination is. Every year we add an ornament to our tree. I love the story they tell and these will be great additions to our story.

Thanks for reading!

I will update as we make them :-)

Leave a comment and let me know if you have any holiday kid's craft tips! :-)



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