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Gluten free Chautauqua for families

We might be a small town area but we still have some great gluten free restaurants... These reviews are coming from a gluten free point of view and a parent of a young child. I find both of these to be major factors in restaurant choices and experiences for us.

Andriaccio's Restaurant

4837 W Lake Rd, Mayville, NY 14757

Located in Mayville by the Chautauqua Institute near Chautauqua Lake


Their only down fall is service tends to be slower than most. Same with their delivery, which is usually late BUT they have a wider delivery zone than ANY other restaurant. I will accept their lateness in exchange for the fact that they actually deliver to me and I am not that close to them. You can order online, including gluten free. The owner has gone as far as calling to confirm an order. I respect the lengths they have gone to and the care they have taken to offer gluten free options that are delicious and relative to the menu. I can not tell you how many places claim to offer gluten free only to say you can have a salad or a pizza in a bowl (yes a bowl with sauce, cheese and toppings is considered a gluten free pizza at five guys). The pizza is good with fun variations. So far all the food I've had has been delicious. The prices are a bit higher but the quality is there. Would love to see a gluten free dessert and apps to round the gluten free menu out a bit better. They did just redo their kitchen so hopefully the menu got a little boost in the process too. I would have to say they have the best local gluten free pizza.


Dutch Village

8729 E Main St, Clymer, NY 14724

Located in the heart of Clymer near Peak N' Peak, Findley Lake, Corry PA, Sherman and Panama. A short lovely country drive from I86.


Easily the largest most extensive gluten free menu in the region. Their staff is by far the best staff I have ever encountered at a restaurant. They go above and beyond and the prices can't be beat. They are my #1 recommendation for an old fashioned too much to eat country breakfast and #1 for gluten free breakfast. They have a selection of gluten free sandwich bread (Canyon brand which they also sell on site), pancakes and French toast. All the stuff you have to miss out on at other restaurants. Great stop for breakfast, brunch and lunch. Great for a cheap dinner option or large groups. I love that we can show up with a large group and be seated without issue. Though the delicious looking homemade baked goods are not gf many of the locally made ice creams are. I would not hate seeing a little reboot of the gluten free menu. At least adding the rice pudding to it. For a early - midday stop this is the place to go. They are also an amazing family restaurant. They have gluten free pizza with 3 different crusts to choose from. To top it off there is also a massive gift shop with something for everyone in it.


The Parkview

3 E Main St, Westfield, NY 14787

Conveniently right near the Westfeild thruway entrance to the I90 whether your coming or going.


Conveniently right near the Westfeild thruway entrance whether your coming or going.

One of the few places that offers mimosa and Bellini brunch on the weekends every weekend. The owner is very sweet and present and will do everything he can to please you. They do not have a gluten free menu but will try their hardest to accommodate you. The options are limited but the place is adorable and great for brunch. The ceasar salad was more than enough for two meals. I would like to see more gluten free options but I will return despite that. The chef is gluten free so the knowledge is there. The drinks are delicious if they were bottomless we'd be there a lot more often. We went for a birthday of a out of town friend and they plan on making the drive back with others. Would highly recommend doing brunch and walking around Westfield after a few Bellinis for a perfect afternoon. The pharmacy down the street also has a very sweet, gentle, older dog that loves a good head scratch if you're passing by. Saturdays in the summer feature a farmers market across the street from Parkview. For how quaint it looks they were amazing with my young daughter. The owner loves kids and you can tell. From a parent's point of view he made me feel so at ease and went out of his way to make it kid friendly.


Alexander's on the lake

10417 Main St, Findley Lake, NY 14736

Right on Findley Lake close to Sherman, Clymer and the PA line


Their bottomless mimosa brunch is my favorite. They make the best homefries I have ever had. They are well seasoned and the brunch is amazing. It's rare they have it but it has become a tradition to have bottomless mimosa brunch at Alexander's on the lake then wander the library book sale. The owner was incredibly sweet and willing to work with us. He went above and beyond to make some french fries for my kiddo who isn't a big fan of most breakfast food. I can not thank him enough for all he did to make our party's visit incredible. No gluten free menu yet but if a few more people mention it we might be able to see that happen. The location and the wrap around porch make it my favorite local place. It is smaller but so worth it. They are active on social media and always posting specials. Though there is no formal gluten free menu I would not write them off being a newer restaurant I can only hope we see more option showing up.


Pine Junction-

10251 Bailey Hill Rd, Sherman, NY 14781

Off the beaten path between Sherman and Findley Lake


(Credit to Google maps for the image, I chose this image because you can not see the restaurant from the road)

Pine junction has potential but it is lacking in a few areas. I have had them seat a highchair at the back doors and allow people to smoke right at the doors so every time they were opened a cloud of smoke was over the child. Besides being rude, it's against NYS law to smoke that close to the doors. The space for high chairs is limited. There is no official gluten free menu but there are a few options ie; steak, fish or something without a bun. Which leave me with having to review it as no effort really put into offering gluten free just stuff that happens to be gluten free is available.

My recommendation for them is to take the time to make a gluten free menu. Service is also painfully slow. This is not a restaurant for those on a schedule of any kind. Though the food is good you can tell it started as a hang out for friends because the friends are still prioritized over the general public. Would not be my first or second recommendation for families. I know many people who love this place but they are gluten eating adults without small children.


Guppy's Tavern

4663 NY-430, Bemus Point, NY 14712

Just outside Mayville along Lake Chautauqua


Great restaurant for beer lovers and gluten eaters. They usually have some kind of promotion that you get a prize if you try all the beers. The prizes are quite nice but if you can't drink beer or don't it has no meaning to you. Cute little joint but if there are people in town you will be waiting because the places fills up quick. They use every inch which does make it harder to function with kids or mobility assistance devices. They do not have a gluten free menu but do have options that happen to be gluten free. Again you standard fish, steak, salad options. Would be great if they took the time to make a gluten free menu. The food is good but limited for gluten free.


Steeners Pub

3022 NY-430, Bemus Point, NY 14712

Just outside of Beamus Point on Chautauqua Lake off 430


This is a tough one for me. They easily have one of the best most creative chefs in Chautauqua but we haven't been back since we got some side eye for bringing a baby sleeping in a carseat. I know people who say they have had a good family experience though. So I can only speak of my experience. There were no high chairs at the time I can only hope this has changed. There is no formal gluten free menu but the chef is more than capable of some delicious dishes. We would like to go back and maybe next time now that our child is older and does not need a highchair it will be a better experience but for family friendly I can not recommend it yet. For taking a risk at a place not having a formal gluten free menu Nate will treat you right and is knowledgeable. I hope they will develop a gluten free menu and get some high chairs in the future because there is serious potential there.


The Ox & Rooster

In the heart of Sherman right off the Sherman I86 exit. Between Westfield, Mayville, Findley Lake, Panama and Asheville

104 E Main St, Sherman, NY 14781


The newest restaurant in Sherman.. When I contacted them they said a few items happen to be gluten free and with 24hrs notice they can be more accommodating of gluten free. I would like to try them but we normally don't plan going out with enough notice. They did mention they are looking into offering gluten free options so fingers crossed we will be able to give them a better review soon.


Red Lobster

295 E Fairmount Ave, Lakewood, NY 14750

In the Michael's plaza in Lakewood


They have a limited gluten free menu. The staff is friendly and loves kids. There is a treasure chest of prizes for the kids. The drinks are generous and the only place I have been able to get a pina colada locally. If anyone knows anywhere else has one please tell me asap. The menu is very limited but not embarrassingly limited as some can be. I always find something but for a chain restaurant they can do a lot better. They added wheat to a corn tortilla crusted special...they could have had a gluten free dish but added gluten to it. That sums up my feelings on them. They could do better but there are options. You do need to ask for the allergy menu, I ask when the hostess grabs the menus prior to seating us or it could take a few minutes to bring you one. Red lobster please expand your menu several items could easily be made gluten free such as the coconut shrimp or the tortilla crusted either shrimp or chicken, I honestly can't remember which one it was.


Sakura Buffet

318 E Fairmount Ave, Lakewood, NY 14750

In the Chautauqua Mall


I did find a few things, nothing has descriptions so it makes it harder. There is definitely more of a gamble but you can find a dinners worth of naturally gluten free items. I do worry because there is a chance some of it is marinated and there's no telling what is in the marinade since many soy sauces have gluten in them.


Mayville Diner

7 W Chautauqua St, Mayville, NY 14757

In the heart of Mayville a short drive from Westfeild


Standard dinner with no gluten free menu. They have the standard breakfast items that happen to be gluten free so you can make it work. Don't expect to find more than what happens to be naturally gluten free at a diner which isn't much but you can make it work.


Red's Best Pancake House

2749 County Touring Rte 15, Sherman, NY 14781

Near Sherman, Clymer, Findley Lake and Panama


They have said if I bring my own batter they will cook it with the rest of the party's order. So I haven't been there because if I've already made the batter I'm just going to cook it myself.


Boxcar Barney's

13 W Lake Rd, Mayville, NY 14757

On Chautauqua Lake in Mayville

*Hit or miss if they take credit card

Largest ice cream cones in the area. They now mark their gluten free ice cream. Besides French fries you won't find anything special gluten free wise. Ice cream in a bowl but the best deal on ice cream and the location is nice with Chautauqua Lake and a large play ground across the street plus a 'rails to trails' trail behind it. We find our selves there at least once a week in the summers getting ice cream and walking the trail.


Krasa's Kove

2542 Sunnyside Rd, Clymer, NY 14724

On Findley Lake near Clymer and Sherman


The new kid on the block. They are a bit on the expensive end but offer samples and have the most unique flavors around. If you are highly sensitive I have had cross contamination issues here. They do not take enough precautions with their scoops to recommend this to anyone who is hyper sensitive. If you are looking for some fun flavors they are on Findley Lake and won't disappoint. Green Dragon is a lime/almost sprite like flavored ice cream with nerds and Blue moon tastes like a minty birthday cake its weird and amazing. All the fun flavors can be made into a milkshake and they sell pints to bring home.


Big Tree Soft Serve Ice Cream

4403 W Fairmount Ave, Lakewood, NY 14750

On the way from Mayville to Lakewood


*Cash Only

A bit pricier than BoxCar Barney's but they do have a punch card and a drive-thru. The drive thru is what is worth writing about because there are times you need ice cream on the go or don't want to get out of the car because it's too hott.


The Springs

4860 NY-430, Bemus Point, NY 14712

On Chautauqua Lake between Mayville and Beamus Point


I have been told that the cook at The Springs in Mayville can make anything gluten free but I haven't had a chance to make it there yet.


As I hear of gluten free menus or check out restaurants I will update the list. These are my experiences eating out gluten free with a family. Unfortunately many of these restaurants have not taken the time to add a gluten free menu and I know personally I like to see a menu first because I can not count how many times I've gone somewhere that claims to have a gluten free menu and have been offered a salad. If you are a local restaurant with a gluten free menu let me know!


Please support our local restaurants since starting this piece two of the restaurants were removed because they closed down. I will try my best to keep the list updated in that aspect as well.



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