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My Fitness Journey 

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Nov 6th 2019-

76% there only 24 more days to go. I'm seeing a change over all. I'm eating better, feeling better had looking better. My clothes are fitting better my BMI is going down. Unfortunately others aren't noticing as much but I see it and that's what counts. It's nice having my clothes fit better. However the most exciting part was the night before my anniversary my wedding ring fit me comfortably for the first time since I got pregnant. Its been 5 years since I could comfortably wear my wedding ring that is the biggest win and greatest anniversary gift.

Sometimes the littlest gains are the biggest wins. It's all about noticing the small successes that lead to the big change.

Oct 11 2019-

To celebrate 50 days I decided to share a bit about my journey.

For those who have been following along I am officially halfway there! Today was day 50!! For those who have no clue what this is about 50 days ago I made a decision. All of the workout methods are great and all but my real issue was becoming a person who works out and that's just part of my day.

I've never been good at stopping and making the time to work out. I've had periods in life where I was very fit but never have I really become a person who works out daily. Pregnancy, moving and excuses left me more out of shape then I'd like. I knew the only real solution was to become someone who works out like it's normal 🤣 not just for myself but to make sure my daughter had healthy fitness as part of her life. One of my bday gifts was beachbody on demand which is a crazy amount of all different kinds of workout videos that you can download, view on device or cast to your tv. You get unlimited videos/views everything for a whole year for $99.

It's perfect because I have gone on several trips that I didn't break my streak during because I had the video on my phone. My only goal was to stop each day and do at least 1 workout video 10 min or longer every day no break. I love that their videos have a countdown in the corner it make the 10 minutes fly by. I was careful not to over stress or hurt myself because the workout wasn't what matters it's the commitment that matters. I don't count any extra working out I do, that's bonus. Because the goal is to stop and take the time out to do a video plus whatever else I do.

I'm still in the beginning of my workout journey. I'm honestly not even ready to post before pics because I don't see the after yet. The before and after pics aren't what matters to me because what matters is changing my relationship with working out. If I focus on the numbers I'll lose sight of my true goal. Being someone who works out everyday.

My first 50 days many were spent just doing a 10 minute yoga flex. I didn't want to hurt myself and quickly realized my mobility was quit limited compared to the version of myself I remembered. When I did some of the more complex workouts I was in over my head. Luckily they all have modifications available. My first concern was gaining back some mobility. If I was too locked up to safely do the moves I'd risked injury ruining my streak. So the first step was to gain some mobility which lead to my commitment to do a yoga flex every day then try and add other videos in if I had it in me.

Now for the last 50 days my goal is to do a flex once in the morning and once at night plus whatever else I can bring myself to do.

I may not check in everyday but I will be using this blog to document my progress. So follow along if you want, one day I'll get some pictures up. Till then what's stopping you from taking 10 minutes for yourself each day? 10 minutes gets easier and easier to find when you look for it. Well kids are playing and hubby is in the bathroom for an hour? Nap time? Before bed? Well people shower? Someone's walking the dog great time for 10 minutes for you.

My love with 10 minutes is that once you start your 10 minutes your already down to 9 something then 8 then 7 now just 5 min left. Even my daughter has learned she can wait 5-10 min for mommy to finish or she'll just join in :-)


First entry-

My fitness journey isn't like most of the ones you see where it's a great success story. In fact this is just the beginning. Honestly I'm not even comfortable posting my before pictures yet because I don't have after pictures. I'm only 45 days in to my fitness journey but I haven't taken a break once in those 45 day and don't plan to till day 100. Then I want to do it all again till I make it to 200 then 300. My goal is to work out every day no matter what even if it's just a 10 minute yoga flex. I do not push myself because my goal is not to hurt the next day to a point that I can't do it I need to reach day 100. Join me in challenging yourself.


100 Day straight workout challenge

Start day August 23rd 2019


If your not ready for that journey you can read about how my journey started 2 years ago before the working out even happened.

The first 40 pounds that I lost without working out…

This is a two part approach to changing the way you eat with 1 rule- No dieting!


Part 1-

Before I started this I was not ready for the commitment I have taken today. I was not ready mentally or physically but I knew I had to start somewhere. So I started with changing the way I think and eat.

I'm not talking about dieting, dieting doesn't work because you've convinced yourself it will end eventually. The only real choice is a change in lifestyle, thought process, and choices. Making a lifestyle change does more than a diet ever will. My philosophy is simple.. my only goal is to make a better choice than the day before, to make a choice.

When looking at food and snack options the key word is options. Consciously weigh your options and make the choice to choose a healthier one. It doesn't even have to be the healthiest just make a choice to choose anything but the least healthy choice.

It's about making yourself aware and conscious of your choices. So yes indulge when you want but go into each situation knowing you have choices and try to make a healthier one. Try and save yourself leftover for the next day.

Many of us were raised to clear our plates this has created a miscommunication in our brains that we need to retrain. Instead of clear your plate work with yourself to leave something behind or save it for later. Even when eating your plate of food eat the healthier stuff first. It gets it out of the way and fills you up so you eat less of the bad stuff but get to enjoy it more and savor it till your full.

It's all about changing the way you think and look at food instead of imposing unrealistic expectations of yourself.


Part 2

Late night snacking....

This is my kryptonite. I was a night owl until my daughter started controlling our schedules.

Being a night owl late night snacking happens and it happens a lot. It doesn't help that I am amazing at creating incredible late night snacks.

This was the hardest but most important change.

I had to change when and how I ate. I needed to stop late night snacking. As a whole we take in the most calories late at night and that is also leaving us with no time to burn them. Which meant I needed to change when I was hungry and this is no small feat. In fact I still struggle but I saw the most change when I did this. I made sure if I wanted dessert I ate it right after dinner that meant I had to eat less dinner to save room for it. After 6pm I stopped eating till the next morning.

The first few weeks well your body switches are tough but eventually you start to wake up hungry. I was able to change my eating pattern to make it so my heavy snacking/ eating period was happening in the late morning. This gave me all day to burn the calories off. I didn't have to change what I ate but how I ate. This lead to healthier choices all around and the weight start to come off with it.

You will be hungry at night, at it will suck. It will take time to adjust but once you do it becomes a lot easier. Even if I snack after dinner now it's nowhere what it use to be because I'm no longer that hungry since I've been eating better during the day.


Keep checking back for more updates. I wish you the best of luck on your journey and remember it's not what works for everyone else it's about finding what works for you ❤


We need to love the bodies we have now as they are. It is great to want to get healthier but if we never accept what we can not change we will never be happy. Part of that is learning to love you now so your love for yourself can only grow as you change.


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