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Stocking Stuffer must haves for the ladies!

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Ok, aside from our great collection of stocking stuffers here are a few other favorites I've found this year. Each year I will update with more findings....

Click the photos to be brought to their amazon links

Last day to order for Christmas delivery from our shop is 12/20 as USPS says its last day to ship for xmas delivery is 12/21.

First up...


My wonderful cousin turned me onto this company and I am in Love! These are a few of the Christmas specific themed ones. At $8.99 each they are a great deal and a great replacement for precious moments type nick-nacks of yesteryear. They are sturdy and well made. I love having a cheap easy "thing" for people to know I love and right now these are it. There isn't one I don't like and that doesn't happen to me. I use to collect rubber ducks but after 20 years the collection got a bit crazy and any new ones I get my 3 yr old steals so...Furrybones you are my new obsession.

Makeup remover

I received a portion of one of these as a free sample to try and it is amazing. I hate using excess products and this is just water and the softest fabric ever. I was seriously skeptical especially since I wear waterproof mascara. This thing works wonders and just needs water which means I can bring it any where. I plan on buying one for my stocking and one for my daughter when she gets to that age. Best thing of all no waste!! Right now people are more focused than ever on making less waste and this is the perfect solution.

Paint with diamonds (Diamond art kits)

Check out my blog dedicated entirely to diamond painting. There are even more product links there.

So these are paint by numbers meets cross stitch meets rhinestones. It is a paint by numbers kit using rhinestones. What better way to starve off winter than with some rhinestone art. The kits come with everything you need to create whichever master piece you pick.

Dove exfoliating body polish

Another i received as a free sample and fell in love with. At under $6 bucks and available just about everywhere it's a great last minute addition. This smells amazing, works great and a little goes a long way. By far my favorite exfoliate to date.


I have actually done a full blog write up on ritual here. To sum it up.. this brand screams luxury. They smell amazing and come in compostable and reusable packaging. Anyone would love to receive one of their products. the gift sets would make an amazing gift for anyone who needs little extra pampering.

And of course our own store...

Some other ideas...

A new book, Ebay has so many great gently used books for under $4 bucks. If the person is not an avid reader see if their favorite TV show has any books about episodes. It's a great way to blend both worlds.

Her favorite perfume and/or new ways to wear it IE; body spray, roll on, lotion, travel sized etc..

Last but not least......

Kid or adult that stocking better have some sweets in it. we are a chocolate house so our stockings normally are mostly #chocolate for the adults and some fun candy options for the kiddo. I am a firm believer that stockings get filled with lots of candy #kidatheart. ... and a new toothbrush

Check back next year for even more great finds!!


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